Sunny wildflower gardens are spectacular because of their vivid brassy colors. Cosmos, poppies and alyssum are annuals that re-seed themselves each year and perennials including Indian Paintbrush, black-eyed Susan, daisy, and lupine add more great colors and shapes. Sunny gardens often are Xeriscape. Some plants flower late (asters, Shasta daisy, coneflowers) and stand up to the hottest days. The ornamental grasses are “the sleepers” of the garden, used all summer as boundaries, and screens. But from late August to October grasses add excitement to the garden as they turn red, orange, yellow or gold. The afternoon sun is very intense in Colorado and some plants can only tolerate the morning sun. We say that a sunny garden needs 6 hours of sun a day, but as little as four will do if they are the last 4 hours of sunlight.