Tips for front range gardeners

  1. People ask us,how are you able to attract so many Humming birds to your gardens? Humming birds like the color red. But will feed on flowers of any color that have a good nectar supply. We make sure each habitat garden is full of a season”S worth of hummingbird favorite food that will keep your garden humming with Jewell like color.
  2. Where should your garden be? If you are making a new garden, consider an area that establishes a closer connection between your home and the new garden. Maybe it should be near an eating or sitting area or perhaps outside a window where you will want to linger.
  3. When we plant trees and shrubs, we always take the root ball and immerse it in water before we plant it. Soaking it in water is a great start for a new plant.
  4. Many evergreen shrubs will not do well in Colorado summer heat. We can guide you to appropriate choices.
  5. We use ornamental grasses and other native plants for their shape in the garden and as borders. In the fall, when other plants begin to droop, the grasses become the star of the garden with their colors and texture.
  6. Consider the water cost you can save with less lawn and a Xeriscape garden. We use beautiful Colorado plants—No weeds and little water required.
  7. Although wildflowers are growing all over Colorado, often in poor soil, we use a special planters mix that produces the very best flower colors. We cover our wildflower seeds lightly with the soil. I always come back and check on everything.