We are planting specialists. We plant flower gardens, xeriscape, trees and shrubs. We have one crew and we do one job at a time. Jerry personally supervises each job. We charge much less for our jobs. We have our niche and no one comes close to us on quality and price.

Natural Landscaping

While some deny climate change, there is no denial that Front Range population growth will lead to increased water consumption and water prices.
Our xeriscape gardens are beautiful and require a lot less water. Converting an area of lawn to a stunning wildflower garden is smart move in many ways. Our natural landscaping approach combines native Colorado wildflowers, plants and ornamental grasses that have grown together since ancient times. Our authentic beautiful native wildflower gardens capture the spirit of the natural world.
Natural landscaping thrives in our dry summer and cold winter climate. We create landscapes using plants that are growing all over Colorado.

“Natural” means low cost for you for a garden that gets better each year.


We design and plant beautiful perennial wildflower gardens. We are proud of our gardens and much of our work comes from people who have seen our beautiful gardens. Our gardens attract birds, especially humming birds and butterflies because of the sheer number of flowers. So spend some time with us and describe your dream garden. Tell us about the flowers you like best.

If you would like some suggestions, we will be pleased to help you. Our garden designer will make sure your garden will look great. You will have a garden that will make you feel good whenever you look at it.

Jerry Katz – Jerry’s Wildflowers